Ethical Marketing Policy

Ethical Marketing Policy

CONTEXT is a company with strong values. Whoever we may deal with, and wherever we may operate, we are committed to doing so lawfully, ethically and with integrity.

Wherever we do business, we comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including but not limited to, those pertaining to advertising and sponsorship. We also adhere to the principles laid out in the International Chamber of Commerce's Code of Advertising and Marketing. The Code prescribes that all marketing communications should be legal, decent, honest, and truthful.


We are honest and decent

Our marketing team consists of ethical marketers who follow the Group's values and pledge to be honest, decent, and transparent in all communications and campaigns. We pledge never to mislead customers or suppliers, and to substantiate all claims relating to verifiable facts at the time of publication.

The principles of decency, honesty, and truthfulness are strict criteria to be met for every campaign, communication, and marketing activity. Our marketers proofread and are encouraged to request feedback if they are unsure about any of their content, strategy, or actions.


We tell the truth about our social and environmental impact

We commit to not practising impact-washing about our sponsorships, social and environmental activities. In other words, we do not exaggerate the impact of our ESG policy and initiatives in order to gain a marketing advantage or distract from any other outcomes of our business.

We share accurate information about the specific groups that have benefited from our ESG (stands for Environmental-Social-Governance) actions, as well as our environmental and social policies.


We celebrate diversity & inclusion

We are considerate about the language of our communications and campaigns. We honour diversity and inclusion throughout CONTEXT, and this is also reflected in our external and internal language.

We respect human dignity and don't discriminate against people or reproduce or exploit stereotypical images, jokes, or phrases to benefit from emotional response or sympathy towards our organisation.


We are responsible and fair

Whatever the nature of the activity, medium or technology, responsibility is shared by all parties concerned, commensurate with their respective role in the process and within the limits of their respective functions.

We are fair to our competitors. Our communications do not denigrate or ridicule competitors or their products, other firms, organisations or persons. We do not make unjustifiable use of the name, logo, or trademark of another firm or institution, and do not take undue advantage of the goodwill belonging to others.


We protect data and privacy

When collecting and handling personal data, we respect and protect their privacy by complying with relevant rules and regulations. Anyone can find out more from our Privacy Policy. Should we receive any complaints or questions about our privacy policy, we will take them seriously and investigate them.


We evolve and adapt

We stay updated with changes in the law and regulations. The line that distinguishes ethical from unethical marketing practices might shift due to technological, social, or economic changes. We will continue to review our Ethical Marketing Policy to ensure that it will always be compliant.


We are reachable

We welcome feedback, questions, or suggestions that can help us improve. Anyone can use our website contact form to contact us.