With public, corporate and retail buyers becoming increasingly receptive to the enhanced experiences afforded by large-format displays (LFDs), there are increased sales opportunities in the global market.

Even as average selling prices fall and a larger range of products is made available, LFD remains a complex and demanding technology to bring to market. Vendors need to be able to deliver  full solutions with hardware and content-management configured to meet the particular demands of specific environments.

Vendors can obtain a granular understanding of this category through CONTEXT analytics that tracks relevant specifications including technology type, screen size, resolution, brightness, touchscreen functionality, bezel size, intended end market, TV functionality, media-player capability, and connectivity.


  • Videowall
  • Interactive-Touch
  • High-brightness
  • Collaboration

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Services & Solutions

  • Market Intelligence

    Track units, sales, revenues and pricing at all stages of the supply chain

  • Business Analytics

    Set targets, take action and measure results with KPIs covering all the drivers of your marketing mix


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